Saturday, August 3, 2019

Sunday, July 21, 2019

ZELO.XL - She Really Want Me

She Really Want Me by ZELO.XL 

Directed by John Henry Soto​. 
Director of Photography Lisa Zalenski​.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Frank Maglio Photography @ JAF Project

Just some of the work by the awesome Frank Rocco Maglio at JAF Project.  Please share!  Thank you, everyone, for the support! 201-429-5337

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Why I gave up complaining. By John Henry Soto

When I hear people complain about how hard it is to make it because of where they grew up, I can't help to think of my grandparents coming here in the mid-40s without knowing a word of English and finding factory jobs they worked for 20 years. They were around my age now when they arrived here! Then I remember my grandma telling me how she had to leave school in the 3rd grade to go to work. Her job was cleaning clothes in the river and sewing. She was 8 years old. My grandpa told me stories of working as a truck driver for the fire department. Things were a little different back then. He also drove a rock truck from the village to the city for building materials. I still carry his metal belt license on my key chain. I remember as a young boy walking by my grandpa's bedroom while he was resting after work and seeing him laying down wide awake scratching his forehead deep in thought. I always wondered what he was thinking about. I never had the nerve to ask him because I was afraid it wouldn't be good and it would make me sad. But I'm sad now anyway so in retrospect, I should have asked. His space felt sad to me but he always smiled and was the funniest dude around. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him in some way. I never met my dad so he was it for me and I couldn't imagine a better role model.
My grandma worked at a zipper factory called ACME. That's right ACME. Same place the Coyote spent a fortune on gadgets to try to capture the Roadrunner. She worked there for almost 20 years. Someone convinced her she should retire and she did. Three years shy of being eligible for a pension. Not sure if it was deliberate or not but it really bothered her. She said she did it to take care of me because my mom was working at the time and had remarried. I don't have all those details families don't talk about. My grandma was a tough lady and ruled the house. She worked hard and I never heard her complain that the work was too much. She did, however, hate the commute to her job in Long Island City and spoke about that a lot. The subway announcements she never understood so she had to ask around and sometimes people were not very nice to help her. But she always had the furniture she wanted and we always had food. Food was a big part of growing up for me. I miss those days and I truly miss her. Today is my grandma's birthday. She would have been 108! She lived to 96 so that's pretty amazing. My grandpa was 96 when he moved on! My mom was a lot younger which was very sad. I'll write something soon just about how great she was.
I truly can go on and on in detail about my family and my upbringing but that wasn't the reason I began writing down these thoughts. The purpose was this. I use these stories and memories whenever life challenges me harshly or I'm physically tired or it feels like it's a never-ending journey towards success. I look at my life and realize what an amazing success I already am and how blessed I am to have the opportunities in front of me. Today I feel really great. I would like to thank you for reading. ❤️🙏 JHS

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Empathy is a Powerful Tool

Empathy is not sympathy. Giving someone sympathy devalues them and makes them feel worse. Empathy is understanding a person's situation and helping. In business, empathy is lacking and has been for a long time. It's destroying companies and alienating consumers and employees. Its time for a change and I feel a change coming. Whether you're into social media or not you must admit that it's forced some businesses into uncomfortable areas by making them have to be accountable for, not just the product they sell, but also their employees from the top to the bottom. It's a new day and I feel the change. I choose to try to stay ahead of the game and implement empathy as part of my strategy. Social media moves fast and all I can do is try to keep up. I'm behind many but more importantly, I realize I'm ahead of many as well and that's what's exciting. For me, this moment and 2019 will be a year to rediscover my purpose, nurture my family and move at a faster pace as an artist. It's going to be fun and I look forward to taking this journey with all of you. Thank you for reading and your support.  JHS

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Kool-Aid is cold and ready!!

I don't like the political game but I'm fascinated by the lack of full education on the issues. Everyone has half the story and some of it is wrong. They hear snippets here and there and draw one conclusion based on it. The media outlets together decide the buzzwords of the day and they use it to get the people under a spell. Just go to YouTube and check out the videos of the major networks doing this. It's pretty crazy. Word for word! My favorite is, "This a danger to our democracy" Type that into YouTube and see the kool-aid being prepared for you.
I use to question everything when I was young in the South Bronx. Someone once said that rock and roll is a fad and will be going away soon. They said dance music was taking over. Some other dope said Rap would never become mainstream. I thought that was crap. I knew it was going to be around for a long time. But whenever I would ask where did they hear this, They would say said MTV or some news channel. They had nothing but the news media. Just what someone told them. This, of course, being pre-internet where all the truth can now be found ;) it was easier to argue a good point. Today you can't argue because there are so many half-truths being thrown out there that people get hypnotized and can't even see a POSSIBILITY that someone is rigging the game and not using the whole truth. I'm sorry to say but the game is rigged, my friends. I can't even imagine what we would be listening to today on the radio If CNN was around back then!! JHS