Wednesday, January 3, 2018

I Grew up in the Ghetto and I don't use it as an Excuse to not Produce....

I know that's a long title but like I said I have no excuses to NOT produce so I produced a nice long title for you.  You're welcome.  So why am I writing about growing up in the South Bronx during one of the darkest days of that community?  70s 80s and 90s.  Well, because it goes hand in hand with just about anyone who's looking for excuses to not have to work hard to produce and just "Take it easy."  In my case, I could have used the excuse of growing up poor and in a violent neighborhood or not getting a good education etc... and you what, people around me would have supported that viewpoint and never push me to reach for more.  Shame on them!  Accountability was lost when I was growing up.  We just weren't expected to live long enough to achieve anything so they tried to make us feel better by excusing our laziness and lack of effort and candy coat their excuses by calling it "support".  That's so messed up.  So today, when someone throws a line out at me like, "Don't work so hard." or "Take it easy." it drives me a little batty because I remember what it took to get out of the South Bronx and extinguish the ghetto mentality that was instilled by a scared community.  And the sacrifices.  A lot of sacrifices.  Now, don't get me wrong, There's a big part of the South Bronx in my heart and I have a lot of love and admiration for the neighborhood.  I just refuse to use that experience as an excuse to not try to reach for the stars. Ok, maybe that's a little corny but it's heartfelt and really the main reason why I don't let anyone get away with making excuses that sound super lame.  I hear it all the time and I make sure I comment on it because I feel it's my responsibility to help them see what I've worked so hard to see.  And that is, the control you have on your future is based on the actions you decide to take today and not the hand you were dealt.  Take a really close and honest look at the actions you take towards your future.  Are they exactly what you should be doing?  If things don't work out are you using a million excuses to justify those actions?  And lastly, can you see movement towards your goals or are you sitting in your excuses.  You need to seriously look at that.  I want you to have a chance.  A chance to create exactly what you want.  You deserve it and you can do it.  Thank you for your time.  JHS

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