Saturday, March 31, 2018

Kick-Ass Successful Actions

The core of my upcoming book are these 10 actions for success that I wrote in 2013.  I was coming out of two of the roughest years of my life and I thought to myself, what are the basic components I use in my life that I've always followed that bring me happiness?  Then I tried to find out, what are the components of my life that when I violate them, my survival goes down and it brings me misery?   After asking myself these 2 questions, I started coming up different items which eventually ended up being this list.  I'm sure more can be added but these work just fine for me and I feel they cover every important aspect of life.  Of course, I'm not perfect.  I try to follow these!  I don't always succeed but having them has made a big difference in my life and has brought me comfort.  I would like to share them here with you now.

My 10 Successful Actions.

1. If you're unhappy with your current situation, change it. Something can be done about it.

2. Don't hate anyone for being successful even if the work isn't your cup of tea.

3. Surround yourself with people that will motivate and inspire you and always motivate and inspire others. Those that don't find value in what you're doing don't matter so don't pay any attention to them. They will go away eventually when they realize they can't win.

4. Don't be afraid to promote your work and do it often. If you believe in what you're doing, that will communicate to others. Remember, this is Show Business so showing your business is part of the game. Can you name that famous person that never promoted anything? Me neither.

5. If you're having problems or feel stuck, ask someone you trust for some
help or advice. But never ask someone to give you work because you have a
relationship with them. And always make yourself available to help

6. Take time every day to do some personal enhancement. It can be a new
course, read a book on your art or life, a seminar. Learn something new
every day.

7. Find a solid platform for life that works for you and that you're willing to die
for. It can be a religion, a faith, belief or a philosophy of life that gives you
tools to improve your conditions and help you reach your goals.

8. Be true and honest with your partner. Get them on your side and helping you
achieve your success. At the same time help reach their goals too. You
should never have to convince a partner or anyone to help you succeed.

9. Use your time wisely. We have 168 hours in one week. After we sleep, eat
and commute we are left with anywhere between 50 and 70 hours. With
that time you need to spend time with family and work on your goals. It's
plenty of time. If you're working more hours or you feel it's not enough
time, then please refer back to # 1 on this list.

10.Take care of yourself. Eat foods that will give you energy and take good
quality supplements if needed. You need to be able to control the body at
will and make it do things. Sometimes you might be tired and want to veg
out as some say but the only goal a vegetable has is to be cut up in a salad
then devoured. Don't be devoured! Move!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Chasing Butterflies with Someone Else's Net.

How many epiphanies can one man have before finally getting comfortable with not giving a shit about epiphanies?  Well, apparently a lot!  I for one have had more AH HA moments than I can count but it's always lead me to the next AH HA moment.  But I guess that's part of living a life of purpose and always having to readjust your big boy pants and keep moving.  Purpose!  I'm not really sure how someone goes through life without purpose but believe me, it happens.  I know this to be a fact because it seems to keep happening to me!  I'm not saying I don't have a purpose but I seem to get sidetracked by someone else's purpose and when I've finally had enough, I get the AH HA moment which has become quite famous in my home.  I run around the house yelling, "AH HA!!  I GOT IT!!" My wife just looks at me now and says, "You said that before and I always agree with you so why don't you just keep doing that!"

Well, last week I had another one!  Ok Ok!!  I'm sorry but this time it's different!  I swear!  This time I'm remembering it clearly and documenting it here in this blog so the world can read it and call me out on it next time I try to bring to fruition someone else's dreams.  Now don't get me wrong, I want to help others find their way but not at the expense of my happiness or the risk of losing opportunities.  Those lost opportunities are also people I could've helped and didn't because I was chasing butterflies with someone else's net.

This is my advice.  Wake up in the morning and think about the one thing you would want to do that day.  Now don't get cute and say sleep or coffee.  Really think about it and find out what's the one thing that you would love to do more than anything else.  When you find what it is, write it down on a piece of paper and stare at it.  Really look at it.  What will you feel?  Are you in pain by it or happy because it's what you're getting ready to spend your day doing?  It's at this moment when you will either make the biggest decision in your life or just put it aside and make excuses because you have bills to pay.  The hard fact is that most people won't even write it down.  The thought alone is painful enough.  All I can say is that you're heading towards a life of pain and struggle if you don't at least take a look at it.  You don't have to radically change your life (although it might be a good idea) but you can start making a plan to move towards your goal and passion.  Save the piece of paper and work on it.  Find people who do what you want to do and ask them for help.  You'd be surprised how many are willing to help.  I know I would be flattered if I were asked to help someone find a life living and working in their passion.  I hope the best for all of you.  JHS