Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Kool-Aid is cold and ready!!

I don't like the political game but I'm fascinated by the lack of full education on the issues. Everyone has half the story and some of it is wrong. They hear snippets here and there and draw one conclusion based on it. The media outlets together decide the buzzwords of the day and they use it to get the people under a spell. Just go to YouTube and check out the videos of the major networks doing this. It's pretty crazy. Word for word! My favorite is, "This a danger to our democracy" Type that into YouTube and see the kool-aid being prepared for you.
I use to question everything when I was young in the South Bronx. Someone once said that rock and roll is a fad and will be going away soon. They said dance music was taking over. Some other dope said Rap would never become mainstream. I thought that was crap. I knew it was going to be around for a long time. But whenever I would ask where did they hear this, They would say said MTV or some news channel. They had nothing but the news media. Just what someone told them. This, of course, being pre-internet where all the truth can now be found ;) it was easier to argue a good point. Today you can't argue because there are so many half-truths being thrown out there that people get hypnotized and can't even see a POSSIBILITY that someone is rigging the game and not using the whole truth. I'm sorry to say but the game is rigged, my friends. I can't even imagine what we would be listening to today on the radio If CNN was around back then!! JHS