Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Empathy is a Powerful Tool

Empathy is not sympathy. Giving someone sympathy devalues them and makes them feel worse. Empathy is understanding a person's situation and helping. In business, empathy is lacking and has been for a long time. It's destroying companies and alienating consumers and employees. Its time for a change and I feel a change coming. Whether you're into social media or not you must admit that it's forced some businesses into uncomfortable areas by making them have to be accountable for, not just the product they sell, but also their employees from the top to the bottom. It's a new day and I feel the change. I choose to try to stay ahead of the game and implement empathy as part of my strategy. Social media moves fast and all I can do is try to keep up. I'm behind many but more importantly, I realize I'm ahead of many as well and that's what's exciting. For me, this moment and 2019 will be a year to rediscover my purpose, nurture my family and move at a faster pace as an artist. It's going to be fun and I look forward to taking this journey with all of you. Thank you for reading and your support.  JHS