Thursday, December 9, 2021

 April 29th 2020 and December 8th 2021. What a difference studying and spending all those hours on webinars and workshops trying to figure this out. Sometimes having to clear almost every word in an article just to know what the hell they're talking about. Trying to explain to friends and family why I was doing this and sometimes I was trying to explain it to myself. But here we are and I'm truly grateful.

Thank you to anyone that watched the early shows where I had a weak signal, choppy audio and all you saw was a blurry Puerto Rican with a goatee that changed colors!
The guests were always great and I know the value was there and it's the main reason I kept going. Now I've done hundreds of hours on interviews, Live streams, plus being a guest other hosts podcasts, and more. The future looks great and I thank you all for the support on this journey. we're just getting started. Love, JHS

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