Wednesday, June 22, 2022

They didn't want Tim Allen because he's a conservative, so they just tank the franchise. lol Good job!

Here is my latest blog and my 2 cents on the issue. My words here should not influence anyone. You should make a judgment based on your researched data. Here we go....

Wokeness has proven to fail time and time again but they keep pushing it. Makes me think they have other motives. ;) Too bad because Lightyear is such a great character that Tim Allen created. Lightyear is now lightyears away from being seen again. Chris Evans is Captain America too and I thought he was great as that character. Unfortunately for Mickey and the crew, people are canceling Disney+ and most likely will not return until they just get the entertainment they paid for and are not taught lessons no one asked for. See below the latest stock number for the past year taken today. Netflix and Disney stocks are falling steadily over the last year so they are not concerned with stockholders but what exactly is the goal here. It's clear the money is available to make films. $200 million for Lightyear and $100 million for promotion. It's a strange direction to go considering recent history has shown woke content does not make a profit. Maybe Pixar and Disney have finally decided it's not about the money. They just want to create projects that "enlighten" everyone so if it loses millions, who cares. If you believe that, there's a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell to you.

If Top Gun taught us anything is that Hollywood can make good films with no agenda but entertainment, heroes, and values and it seems audiences want the same thing. Again, the numbers are clear.

Stories come from life so I understand the need to include life events into the fabric of films but it's the obvious forcing of it that pops off the screen and makes the overall story lose validity. Not because the issue isn't valid but because the method of how it's being introduced does not fit into the scope of the project.

My advice is to just write better stories around your agenda and stay away from established characters because it doesn't work as recent history has shown us. The Adventures of Superperson will not fly. The Amazing SpriderIndividual will not stick. And finally, Bat-human will just cave. JHS