Friday, July 22, 2022

Hang Tight Earthlings! It will be Glorious!

 When you're afraid that someone will ruin your plans of deceiving a civilization, you must shut them down at all costs. And if they don't go away, then you must scream, threaten, cheat, and lie to make sure they can never again participate in preventing their destructive plans and their criminal activities. Especially their money flows.

But these poor souls don't realize that the criminal wants to get caught and will continue to make mistakes and say stupid things in that direction. They can't help to get tongue-tied or let a little truth slip out when they're speaking. We laugh at it but it's really a sad thing to witness. Someone who can't confront those they are lying to will stumble as so much video footage has proven. Of course, these criminals control how this info gets distributed to millions, so it gets manipulated. Many are still under a veil of lies, but many more, and I mean MANY MORE, have removed this veil to take a closer look and now know that something is wrong. It doesn't take long to see something isn't right. For me, the viewpoint shift happened in 2018 and it took about 2 days of reading and listening to someone and then seeing things for myself. Seeing it was huge and in just 2 days, I realized I had been duped for most of my life. I can only pray and hope that more people will take the time to lift that veil slightly and see what's there. Just give it chance to see the information.

The next 18 months will be glorious but very scary to many who haven't lifted the veil and those that don't even believe there is a veil will become very dangerous and destructive people. Stay away from them and protect your family and friends. God bless you all. JHS 


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