Tuesday, July 26, 2022

They are Starving for your Potential

 Remember you become a serious threat to those who can't bring you down to their level. They secretly hate you for it but they might hang around you in the hopes that they can slow you down from winning. Some don't even know they're doing it. They just can't imagine winning at the levels you're striving for. It's not real to them so it shouldn't be real to you. They will try to make you think it's not real. It's a sad fact that negative people don't know their negative. They blame others for everything bad in their lives and take no responsibility for any of it. Do NOT allow one ounce of your potential and drive to be stolen by someone with very low or no potential or drive. JHS

Friday, July 22, 2022

Hang Tight Earthlings! It will be Glorious!

 When you're afraid that someone will ruin your plans of deceiving a civilization, you must shut them down at all costs. And if they don't go away, then you must scream, threaten, cheat, and lie to make sure they can never again participate in preventing their destructive plans and their criminal activities. Especially their money flows.

But these poor souls don't realize that the criminal wants to get caught and will continue to make mistakes and say stupid things in that direction. They can't help to get tongue-tied or let a little truth slip out when they're speaking. We laugh at it but it's really a sad thing to witness. Someone who can't confront those they are lying to will stumble as so much video footage has proven. Of course, these criminals control how this info gets distributed to millions, so it gets manipulated. Many are still under a veil of lies, but many more, and I mean MANY MORE, have removed this veil to take a closer look and now know that something is wrong. It doesn't take long to see something isn't right. For me, the viewpoint shift happened in 2018 and it took about 2 days of reading and listening to someone and then seeing things for myself. Seeing it was huge and in just 2 days, I realized I had been duped for most of my life. I can only pray and hope that more people will take the time to lift that veil slightly and see what's there. Just give it chance to see the information.

The next 18 months will be glorious but very scary to many who haven't lifted the veil and those that don't even believe there is a veil will become very dangerous and destructive people. Stay away from them and protect your family and friends. God bless you all. JHS


Wednesday, June 22, 2022

They didn't want Tim Allen because he's a conservative, so they just tank the franchise. lol Good job!

Here is my latest blog and my 2 cents on the issue. My words here should not influence anyone. You should make a judgment based on your researched data. Here we go....

Wokeness has proven to fail time and time again but they keep pushing it. Makes me think they have other motives. ;) Too bad because Lightyear is such a great character that Tim Allen created. Lightyear is now lightyears away from being seen again. Chris Evans is Captain America too and I thought he was great as that character. Unfortunately for Mickey and the crew, people are canceling Disney+ and most likely will not return until they just get the entertainment they paid for and are not taught lessons no one asked for. See below the latest stock number for the past year taken today. Netflix and Disney stocks are falling steadily over the last year so they are not concerned with stockholders but what exactly is the goal here. It's clear the money is available to make films. $200 million for Lightyear and $100 million for promotion. It's a strange direction to go considering recent history has shown woke content does not make a profit. Maybe Pixar and Disney have finally decided it's not about the money. They just want to create projects that "enlighten" everyone so if it loses millions, who cares. If you believe that, there's a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell to you.

If Top Gun taught us anything is that Hollywood can make good films with no agenda but entertainment, heroes, and values and it seems audiences want the same thing. Again, the numbers are clear.

Stories come from life so I understand the need to include life events into the fabric of films but it's the obvious forcing of it that pops off the screen and makes the overall story lose validity. Not because the issue isn't valid but because the method of how it's being introduced does not fit into the scope of the project.

My advice is to just write better stories around your agenda and stay away from established characters because it doesn't work as recent history has shown us. The Adventures of Superperson will not fly. The Amazing SpriderIndividual will not stick. And finally, Bat-human will just cave. JHS

Thursday, December 9, 2021

 April 29th 2020 and December 8th 2021. What a difference studying and spending all those hours on webinars and workshops trying to figure this out. Sometimes having to clear almost every word in an article just to know what the hell they're talking about. Trying to explain to friends and family why I was doing this and sometimes I was trying to explain it to myself. But here we are and I'm truly grateful.

Thank you to anyone that watched the early shows where I had a weak signal, choppy audio and all you saw was a blurry Puerto Rican with a goatee that changed colors!
The guests were always great and I know the value was there and it's the main reason I kept going. Now I've done hundreds of hours on interviews, Live streams, plus being a guest other hosts podcasts, and more. The future looks great and I thank you all for the support on this journey. we're just getting started. Love, JHS

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Twitter CEO canceled.... here's why it happened..


Twitter failed as a viable platform because in its inception it was intended to allow everyone to express themselves freely. When it was realized that the majority of the people on there were becoming even more suspect to the intention of some political parties, it had to be stopped and redirected back to the original agenda. If you look at those numbers, the majority were interested in stories about corruption and demanded honesty from political figures. Many political leaders couldn't deliver and those that did speak their truth, whether you agreed or not, received the most attention, shares and exposed accountability that was covered up by mainstream media.  This was a no no and needed to be stopped and they did stop it by pushing buzz words such as misinformation, fact checker, social justice, white privilege and distribution of wealth. Well, it seems some are starting to pay closer attention and asking questions.  The majority is actually much bigger because of the condemnation of free speech.  As usually, the ones who do not want anyone to hear any other opinions but the ones that move their criminally charged agenda forward, have failed again. 

Twitter was a beautiful platform that allowed and even forced a person to be creative with their views and freely express it. It will be missed. I know it's still here but in the eyes and hearts of freedom lovers, it's dead and has been for a while.


Saturday, February 8, 2020

The End of the Political "War"'.

You can't make a difference by sitting in front t of the TV and posting on Facebook your upsets. You have to go after the politicians creating bad policy that will hurt people in the long run and show them why. Give them governmental statistics that are available to anyone. Don't just show them a YouTube video that's been edited by bias entity. 2020 for me is a year of research and communicating. Two local politicians have shown they are only interested in getting their next promotion or sharing about a lightweight and safe success story. That's how you do. You create easy to confront issues, then you solve them and post it everywhere. It gives the impression that real change is happening. In the meantime, they are voting in dangerous policies that destroy our values and rips our constitution to shreds. Just pay attention to what they are doing and voting for and you'll see the pattern. The political pattern.

In this post, I'm not referring to our mayor. I like our mayor and he has brought real help to our city. I'm also not referring to our 3 ward councilmen who I've spoken with many times and have always felt their sincerity. I even worked for one councilman and gave 100% into helping him win a landslide victory.

I'm referring to those that claim to help Bayonne but they're living in Trenton and rubbing elbows with those slowly killing the small businessman and trying to pass laws that will rip control of our children under the guise of "help". I have not mentioned names yet because I'm hoping they will do the right thing and have an open discussion regarding these issues.

I will tell you all that at this point in my life, I've lost interest in the LEFT Verses RIGHT TV ShitShow. I'm only concerned with our Human Rights. What is our Human Right? Well, one of the most powerful documents that no one talks about is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of February 16, 1948. Written by Elenor Roosevelt and signed by 48 countries. If you're not familiar with it, please message m and I'll send you a copy.

In Conclusion, I would like to thank you all for your love and support. Today begins a new day of hope and freedom.

God bless you.
John Henry Soto

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Let me Clarify...

I would like to clarify a little about who I am and what do I do. I’m a creative person. Always have been. I started in music as a kid playing guitar and then in bands and recording music. I still play and love it. My active years of playing a lot were 1987 to 2007. In 2008 I became interested in acting shooting numerous films listed on IMDB. I love acting, writing and directing.
Today, I have a media/video company called JAF Project that I started with Frank Rocco Maglio earlier this year and we moved into our office in April. There we create videos for businesses, individual personalities, original narrative films, and music videos. We also provide social media consulting and content development for clients. Our main goal at JAF is to help people by teaching them how to help themselves using the power of video and social media.
In 2016 I got my real estate license and I’m working at Costanza Realtors in Bayonne. I like it there and I’m planning to do bigger things in real estate in the years to come.
Basically, I enjoy posting positive videos, writing articles about life, hosting a podcast, selling real estate and sharing my journey with those that care in the hopes that someone will benefit from the content.
The reason I’m posting this here is for those that are too close-minded to see that life can be an expansion of creativity and be different at every turn. It's not being unsure of what direction you’re going simply because your passions are many. Being creative to me makes life worth living. Living a life that’s creative matters to this planet and it should be supported. Especially by loved ones that might not fully understand it because they are the ones that can easily destroy the purpose of an artist.
Please support your local artists and make them feel like they matter. Giving them anything less is a slow death to emptiness for the artist and the unaware souls. Thank you for reading. John Henry Soto πŸŽ₯πŸ“·πŸŽΈπŸŽΉπŸŽΆπŸŽ΅πŸŽΌπŸŽ¨